Debate between Dr. Walter Martin and Atheist Madalyn Murray O’hair

This is a very dated debate, but it shows several things very clearly.

1. Mrs. O’hair would not agree to definition because she knew it would undermine here case

2. Mrs. O’hair would not agree to the common understanding of language because it would undermine her case.

3. Dr. Martin, attempted to set fair and genuine definitions and groundwork in order to create a meaningful conversation that would take them forward into knowledge and understanding of the Christian position vs the Atheist position.

4. Mrs. O’hair was simply argumentative and rude to Dr. Martin. She would not answer any question without side-tracking to a complaint about what Dr. Martin was doing.

There are very few debates that I’ve listened to on YouTube that don’t follow this same sort of digression. The better moderated ones allow for the speaker to get out his thoughts without interruption, but the arguments from the Atheist are never much better than Mrs. O’hair.

The late Dr. Walter Martin was one of my favorite bible theologians. He was famous for his counter-cult ministry and his preaching was exceptional. Dr. Martin was a tremendous apologist in a category all his own.