About the Author

My name is Marvin Torgeson.

I’ve been a married man the last 35 years, I have two grown children and 6 grandchildren. I have been brought up in the Lord through various churches. Pentecostal, Charismatic, Calvary Chapel, Reformed. These Churches helped to frame my understanding of God and how to serve God. I am an Evangelist with Greater is HE Ministries based in Seattle area.

My wife and I have traveled to the Philippines numerous times, Panama and are now looking forward to doing ministry in Africa..Lord willing.

I have a combination of Charismatic/Pentecostal methodology in ministry with strong Reformed Theology present in my messages. We baptize believers and pray for God to fill them with the Holy Spirit. I have over the years been used to God to minister healing, prophecy, miracles for the glory of God. As an Evangelist I work with many kinds of churches, not all of them subscribe to the particulars of my own statement of faith. That being said, I do not work with any ministry that denies Christ’s atoning work, justification by faith, deity of Christ return of Christ or the judgment of Christ. I do give place to nuances that wont hinder the gospel message from being preached. Baptism, gifts, music etc.

I blog about Evangelism and Apologetics normally about every two weeks. I am reformed in theology but I am not what the Old Reformed call “old reformed”.  I am a continuationist that fully believes in the Charismatic gifts of God. This of course cuts readership. I am also a Young Earth Creationist that does not believe more in the latest scientific assertion than Scripture. I believe the latest science will fade fast and I refuse to interpret the scripture with something other than scripture. Therefore the prevailing thought by the hottest PhD is of little use to me in interpreting the word of God. This also cuts readership. As an Apologist, its trendy now to be an apologist and O.E.C. Even better if you were a Y.E.C. and now have converted to looking  for day-ages and frameworks or just poetry in Genesis 1. I refuse all of this, that cuts readership.

I hold to a Presuppositionalist method, but I employ Evidential methodology as well. I seem them both fully represented in scripture so I use them both unapologetically. Those who have an axe to grind with various methods will find my reasoning blunted to them so this cuts readership. I have little tolerance for other Apologists who mangle the word of God with liberal thinking that undermines its inerrancy, power and authority. They may have world class philosophy but they have admixed third-grade theology with it; so whatever apologetics from them that engages the world it does so deficient in scriptural authority, this cuts readership.

I have refused to kick out the Arminian believers as an unworthy group that any good reformed man will never listen to. I am all for William Lane Craig, as much as I am for the teaching of Greg Bahnsen or Cornelius Van Til. I enjoy Paul Washer as much as I enjoy Leonard Ravenhill. The very few cross-overs like Sam Storms who endorse the Charismatic gifts as well as reformed theology categorize ones self in the ‘rare’ group. This of course cuts more readership.

It pains me to see the hypocrisy of the reformed that condemn and berate the Charismatic and Pentecostal for bad theology but will not spend a dime to send an evangelist (even a reformed one) overseas to preach the gospel to the lost. They have left that to the Arminians…and they wonder why there are so many arminian semi-pelagian believers out there that have difficulty with reformed teaching. Duh! No Miracles for them, no extremes for them, no dancing, clapping, singing or shows of emotion for them. So, to make sure the sinner will not dance he will not get the gospel either. This kind of hard-hearted mindless idiocy cannot be duplicated in the simple new-convert to Christ; you must be taught this pharisaical disdain for other believers unlike yourself. I am totally against such a mentality that resides in some of the reformed Churches. This cuts more readership.

I was previously an Atheist. Before my conversion I had all the same atheist arguments, ideas and philosophy that are commonly expressed today. I have attempted to learn the arguments of the atheist and counter them. I realized a long time ago that atheism is of itself no more than a bias. However, this bias is supported by the beam-work of scientific theory, the foundation of Darwinism, the baring walls of pretense and assertions declaring atheism as justifiably existing due to lack of theistic evidence. Its roof is constructed of mood and nuance that deflects the light rains of every day reality attempting to penetrate the manufactured world of atheism. It is impossible to remain an atheist and be a consistent realist. One must give way to the other. Materialism, naturalism, relativism or just a plain ole refusal to admit the obvious will keep the atheist pretending to understand and explain a world based on principles that do not and cannot explain the world. Combine all of your Dennetts, Dawkins, Harris or Hitchens; none of these men can hold on to the reality of the world they live in. They must for the sake of hating God and religion become anti-theists and demand the world be embarrassed for embracing God or religion. If they cant win you by argument they will shame you out of belief.

If youve read this far and still consider actually reading something on my blog it must be because God has mercy upon an old loon like me. Please feel free to comment on any articles and please visit those blogs I’ve copied, they are worth reading.

I am a 55 year old man with a two year degree from a Charismatic bible college. I have spent a lifetime studying the word of God, Evangelism, Church History, Apologetics and Theology.

Please read my Statement of faith on my blog if you have questions about my belief in the essentials of the Christian faith.




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