Atheism and losing touch with realty

It is well known the irrational person cannot or will not concede to a mistake or admit a fault everyone else can see plainly. Sometimes that person maybe religious where common decency would forbid destructive actions but they give full vent their personal beliefs regardless of God’s explicit command to do otherwise. Other people who have no religious leanings follow the same madness driven by the basest motivations to commit iniquity, their actions speak as much about them as it does their mindset.

What shall we say to these things? Irrationality finds its home in the human psyche for reasons that are in many cases the antithesis of their professed beliefs. Both religionist and secularist meet under the banner “human” and find a rationale that permits them to deny what they know is true so long as they can continue to hold that most precious thing near to them regardless of all evidence to the contrary. Its is easy to multiply examples here both religious and humanist but what I want to direct my reader to understand is this; atheism is built upon irrational fears, doubts and emotional controls. I have often said atheism in each individual is nuanced so as to post as sentry to their heart various defense mechanisms. ¬†In my numerous encounters with atheists none of them are purely ¬†unbiased commentators on religion, none of them are perfectly rational in their arguments and many of them dismiss information available to them to explore with an open mind. In short I find myself entering into debate with someone who claims to have truth but in fact has manipulated the facts to create a reality fashioned after their desires. Presuppositions play a larger role in determining what is most precious to them than they admit.

In the end its just broken human to broken human conversation. Even while we are broken and admittedly lacking knowledge to so many things one thing reemerges every time “truth”. Who is telling the truth? Its popular in this postmodern society to pull the ” its all relative” card as though such philosophy trumps the human need to have certainty. Relativism offers only a trump card to individuals seeking to maintain status quo against a perceived threat to their emotional grip on that precious “thing” someone else maybe attempting to take from them. Dismissal of the argument not evidence capable of overthrowing the threat is postmodernism tactic.

When atheists signal defeat they do so by using relativism, when atheists are on their heels logic cannot serve to secure what is precious to them when logic blatantly points out the irrationality of their own reasonings. Coherence and correspondence are off the table when emotional grip is all that is left to maintain denial of God and Jesus Christ. The game is over when the trump cards are played knowing that the arsonal of atheistic weaponry are all duds and the atheist knows it. But admitting that is not in the atheist tactics against Christ and his word.

What is precious to the atheist? Autonomy, freedom from any god even the true God Jesus Christ. Submitting to the will of God is resisted at all costs. Human rebellion will use any and all of creation in order to deny the Creator and their creature hood made in His image.

How does the Christian refute such obstinacy? The good news is every weapon the atheist uses to resist Gods will is a creation of God and cannot be made to truthfully deny its creator. Whether its science proper or transcendental it bends back to its original purpose which is to glorfy God and reveal His personage. Facts will untwist lies will be exposed and scientific theories will evaporate into proven solutions declaring Gods handiwork. Gods word is the final and only valid apologetic that does more than refute it saves the soul. The final philosophical perspective will be that of a redeemed mind knowing and loving God supremely. Each Christian will have the privilege to express the ultimate philosophy through their own redeemed mind where all science, wisdom or knowledge fits perfectly and coherently together. In this present age we endure the conflicts that imperfect knowledge and theory still abound. Yet faith will secure us in Christ not vain hopes or irrational constructs of the mind.

The word of God used in all of the myriad of ways the Holy Spirit works through the Christian combined with science, logic and personal testimony when required bring an adequate truth to bear concerning the sinful man and the judgment to come. The gospel of Jesus is truly power of God unto salvation we never need to be intimidated by perverse twistings of science or cleverly designed reasoning. Remember the creation was made to serve the Creator, all creation whether it be material or transcendental is an ally to the Christian. It is because we recognize irrationality we can also recognize defeat of atheist weapons and move on to deal with the human trapped in atheism, in the end its not about defeating ideas its about bearing witness that God loves the world and has sent Jesus to redeem men out of it.