Christianity offers how to interpret the World

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Scripture and the Church offer a cumulative amount of arguments to offer this skeptical world that God exists.
It isn’t that these arguments prove God deductively, its that fact that Christianity offers the most reasonable and cohesive interpretation of how the world works. It offers reasons for how humanity works, and answers better than any other religion how scientific discoveries relate to God’s creation. All other religions pale into insignificance in comparison to Christianity.

The Ontological argument= God is the explanation of innate knowledge of transcendence.
The Teleological argument= God is the explanation for order in the universe.
The Cosmological argument= God is the explanation for creation
The Transcendental argument= God is the explanation for Logic, mathematics.
The Anthropological argument= God is the explanation for mans yearning and consciousness of God
The Moral argument= God is the explanation for objective moral truth.
The Argument for Desire= The appreciation for Beauty, Order, Peace all temporal in this world point to another world where human desire will be satisfied fully.

For the Christian these arguments are wrapped up in scripture and authored by God. The ordinary Christian need go no further than “Thus saith the Lord” to acquire validation for holding these truths. To those who are born of God, the reality of Christ as Savior, Lord and Creator are side-by-side with the reality of physical things. The Christian is the ‘only’ one that can make sense of science, theology, faith and fact without contradiction. Let no skeptic, no atheist, no agnostic tell the Christian that the believers have skewed understanding of reality. Scientism and Materialism in the minds of unbelievers have such short wings they fly only as far as they can continue to suppress the truth in themselves and no farther.