Creationist Evolutionist Debate


Listen to this debate between the scientific community and the Theists. Both Christian and Islam were paired up to present the Theistic view against the Darwinism construct. The mediator was clearly antagonistic toward the Theists but only got away with bullying those who were too polite to resist him.
In my opinion the scientific group had not thought through their own worldview to any extent. It seemed as though they have not pitted their views against the genuine claims of Christianity.

The first speaker Matt Ridley gave us the first unsubstantiated portion of the Evolution myth by asserting absolute proof and undoubted scientific evidence for Evolution that can be found by genetic science.
To this, it can only be said that he is asserting a blind faith in Evolution without proof. He is saying he has proof and I am saying genes do not talk, he is talking and that from a Darwinistic construct. What Mr. Ridley seems to assume is all the missing links between his assertions and what can be called real proof.

Robert Asher probably the most confused begins to tell the Pastor that “Its not all random chance”. He begs the question then if not chance then design. But he will not admit design. Dr. Asher is doing his best to keep the two tier system in place. Faith over fact or feeling over evidence dilemma. This slight of hand trick is to say that its OK to have a faith and a feeling about what you believe but the theory of Evolution has opposing facts that cannot be reconciled with that kind of faith or feeling. In short, its perfectly acceptable to be irrational about faith because the nature of faith is believing against the facts of the world.
The problem with this two tier construct is it deconstructs the facts of the Christian faith. The Christian faith is based upon historical fact where God intervened in the world and made himself known by evidences within this physical world. His answers later sound like a page from Hegel where he has worked out his own dialectic and now presents it as truth. Thesis=the Christian faith, Antithesis=the theory of Evolution, Synthesis=A Christianity that contains no historical proof, it consists only what we want to make of it. But listen, the assertions were a little more sly, he asserts the unproven theory of Evolution as fact and dismisses Christianity as a pick and chose religion that need not concern itself with disclaiming Evolution. The real joke ends up being that the synthesis is considered a fact itself. The admixture of Evolution and Christianity is synthesized and what you have is a falsehood that appeals only to the agnostic or atheist. The Christianity (if it  can be called that) is now effectively no more than a meta-physic or a brand of existentialism that holds to moral platitudes and God but doesn’t believe what God has said.

The Senior Pastor brings up the subject that radiometric dating is dangerously in error, the Paleontologist gets a free pass to side step it from the moderator while the Pastor is addressed as if he was in error as to his statements. Young earth creationists work is a research that cuts against the Darwinistic construct and because of that is dismissed as if they are presenting a flat earth policy.

The geneticist says..”we will admit we are wrong…you guys will never do that!”. Well, why should they if the final authority for the creation of things is God and he knows exactly what he did and told us in Genesis?

Later on the debate becomes located in much more philosophical postulates and this is where the scientific group begin to loose ground rapidly. The scientists begin to use logic and it comes out as fallacies, they begin to use reasoning that only brand new thinkers would use to couch their theories in. Their reasons are unsound and present no new information, only old stuff that has been debunked ages ago.

The gentlemen with the collar on the Evolution side is a Theistic Evolutionist, he is probably the worst of the panel, offering even more hideous synthesis of bible and evolution. In the end he presents the agnostic Christian view (if there is such a thing) while protecting the name of evolution more than God’s name.

Toward the end Professor Woodhead asserted that the conversation was all very anthropocentric, then cast it in a dim light as though that’s not the truth. I couldn’t help think to myself “now that’s very anthropocentric of her to dismiss anthropocentrism”. Its all amusing at times to see the incoherence of thought in order to suppress the truth of God ἀλήθειαν τοῦ Θεοῦ. Professor Woodhead distances herself from Richard Dawkins because of the angry man image, but she left in place the foundations of Atheism and Evolution which in the end means she just wants a better speaker for the subject than Dr. Dawkins.

Professor Steve Fuller did the best burn down when he caught the spirit of the argument. He basically told them that Darwinism is a diminished view of man. Dr Asher jumps in to protect Darwin and prove he’s dug more rocks than thought very much about the ramification of Darwins view. Dr Brown caught on that the game is up, Evolutionists are being exposed as a pick and chose science community when Professor Fuller defends the work of the Y.E.C. The interaction becomes more heated.

The Islamic view is inert for the most part proving the claims of the scientists that religion resists facts with nothing to put in its place except authoritarianism. The Christian world view is the only one that can meet them head on and pull down their strongholds. I was glad to see it didn’t turn sideways and become a Christian against Islam debate and spare the Evolutionists from critique.

The video is posted for you to see, make your own judgment and evaluate it.

Please comment if you like.

Marvin Torgeson

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